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Thermo Dynamic Solutions for Hot Water, Heating, Electricity and Infrared

SHS Sustainable Superstore was founded in 2015 by SHS Solar Solutions.

SHS Solar Sustainable Superstore in Almancil Algarve for Solar Heating, Domestic Hot Water and Infrared heating The concept is simple: offer clients all Sustainable and Renewable Solutions under one roof

With 320 days of Sunshine in Algarve we better use it !

Energy Saving Concepts ...

SHS Sustainable Superstore offers to save on your energy bill:

- Solar Power solutions to produce your own electricity with Photo Voltaic PV solutions.

- Thermo Dynamic solutions to produce your own Hot Water with NO SUNSHINE Needed !

- Thermo Dynamic solutions to produce your own Heating with NO SUNSHINE Needed !

- Infrared Heating solutions to save 50% on your Heating !

Take control over your Electricity Bill...

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