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About us

Founded in 2009 SHS Solutions has been providing the Portuguese and Spanish markets with affordable and reliable renewable energy for nearly 2 decades. With many years of servicing the community we are the #No. 1 brand you can trust. We pride ourselves on our service levels and quality of installation with all our technicians being fully qualified and certified professionals.

We deliver systems that range from On Grid and Semi Off Grid to complete off Grid solutions giving you complete control of your energy footprint and cost.

Since 2009 we have provided expertise in Solar Off Grid Battery Systems with our range including TELSA Powerwall Lithium-ion batteries. With our Lithium Battery Racks 10-year warranty we are leading the way in Portugal’s renewable energy market.

SHS Solutions

In 2014 SHS Solutions introduced Infrared Heating Panels to our product range, a popular product with our customer base. We are the only provider of these products in the Algarve market and enjoy a close relationship with Herschel a top UK brand offering Ceramic panels. Our range of panels now covers Glass, Metal, Ceiling and Mirrored panels.

We aim to provide our clients with the best solution and payback term for their individual needs.