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Domestic Hot Water

The ENERGIE Domestic Hot Water (DHW) products are part of the latest generation of solar energy products and allow for hot water 24 hours a day, with maximum efficiency. You can also guarantee savings between 70 to 85%. Domestic hot water solutions ideal for homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, sports, and industrial facilities.

Here are a few advantages of Thermal Dynamic hot water heating.

Minimal cost
  • Through the cooling liquid (R134a or R407c) which covers a closed circuit, the liquid goes into the solar panel and suffers the action of sun, rain, wind, environment temperature and other climate factors. During this process the liquid gains heat in a more favourable way than a heat pump. After this stage, the heat is transferred to an exchanger with the help of a small compressor, which heats the water. The liquid cools down and the circuit is repeated.
  • As the fluid has a boiling temperature of approximately -30ºC, the system works even when there is no sun and it even works at night, providing hot water at 55ºC, day and night, hail, rain, wind or shine, unlike the traditional solar thermal system. The energy consumption of the system is basically the same as a fridge compressor that makes the liquid circulate. There are no ventilators that help the evaporation process, or defrost cycles, which imply unnecessary energy consumption, unlike what happens with heat pumps.
  • One of the primary reasons solar panels out perform any other form of energy is that when it comes to heating water the solar panels convert up to 80% radiation into the heat energy without making use of any external fuels.
  • No sunshine needed - Converts outside air to hot water with the panel size doing all the work, hence only a small compressor of max. 390w is needed for the cheapest way to heat hot water.
Low maintenance
  • Solar water heaters do not require high maintenance only a yearly check up on the anode within the tank. As they do not contain any moving parts there will be no tear and break which would need regular repairs.
They Are Smart Investments
  • In today's world, green technology is gaining popularity among buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate.
  • In general, making environmentally friendly improvements to your home is an easy way to increase the overall value and appeal of your property. Real estate agents also look for the use of green technologies on a property to promote and advertise it.
  • In addition to improving the value of your home, solar hot water heaters usually have a return on investment of at least 10–30% over the life of a typical mortgage. It must be noted that the returns made on your investment will continue to increase over time due to the rising prices of natural gas and electricity.