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Feel cosy and comfortable with Herschel radiant heating panels, beautifully made to complement the design of any interior.

Stylish, ultra-slim and space-saving, radiant heat panels that warm rooms evenly creating a comfortable, natural feeling of warmth that feels great!

Instead of directly heating the air in a room, our Infrared Heating panels heat the walls, ceiling and floor evenly which absorbs the heat and gently re-emits the heat back into the room. This is more efficient than conventional heating systems which waste energy by heating large volumes of air.

Benefits of Herschel Radiant Heat Panels:
  • Reduced energy use;
  • Natural heat;
  • 100% net zero carbon heating;
  • Helps prevent mould and condensation;
  • Maintenance free, long lifetime, over 95% recyclable;
  • Easy to install;
  • Very healthy to the human body;
  • Does not move or heat air, so ideal for allergies;
Available as:
  • White Frameless panels
  • Mirror panels
  • Glass panels
  • Picture panels
  • Blackboard panel
  • Portable heaters
  • Outdoor heaters
SHS Solutions is the exclusive representative of Herschel for the whole of Portugal.